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Bird require two wings to fly high and to make balance. Similarly, you need both strong Business idea and Website designing as two wings to reach heights in your business domain. Requirement for any Website includes, it should access fast, font and languages used should be eye touching & simple and has to convey clearly what it says in a single page. Ethics for effective communication is to communicate in the simplest way. Cubeflick aware of all this and create Website totally based on your requirement which will shows what do you want to convey to the clients in the most simplest and convenient way. An example of effective teaching is by teaching with flowcharts, graphs and Picture, Cubeflick create Website which includes all these specialties, which will effectively explain our website theme.Startups and small Businesses have a very common predefine thought that getting online can be time-taking and costly. This is the actual thought that prevents them from taking the initial step in establishing an online presence. A website for business has become a very crucial factor in determining your business growth. But out of 40 million startups and small businesses in India only 10 % of them have their online presence.Cubeflick have aims at enabling its clients to use their online website presence as an alternate shop. Web designing in India is large market, and Cubeflick offers website designing services in Noida at highly affordable prices. With web design in Noida taking a far cry, our all- in-one coordinate services makes it workable for SME owners to get a site for their business speedy and in a hassle freeway. Our team has the ability for the end client to create fast changes easily.The hub of website designing is in Delhi NCR. Our overall smooth and user friendly services makes it feasible for SME proprietors to get a site for their business fast and in a hassle free manner. We guarantee that our services incorporates all that is required for website creation. From enlistment of a Domain, Content, Design, Development, Hosting, Site Maintenance and Regular redesigns.

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What is a Website Design

What is a Website Design?

Website Design is defined as the process of making web pages. The main idea is to present your business online with its value and attract more visitors by creating better user experience. It consists of several different parts of web layout including color, text styles, structures, templates, grids, outlines, images, videos, icons, GIF, animations, graphic design etc. These all are used in flawless harmony with combinations for crafting the suitable web design for your online business. In recent years responsive web design (RWD) with compatibility on multiple devices has dominated the I.T. industry.There are various tools and technologies that are used for making web designs i.e. editors, software’s, WYSIWYG tools etc. HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) stands as the pillar around which web designs are pursued. CSS (Cascade Style Sheet) is then used to furnish the web design. Their ideal fusion brings out the best in terms of web designing that users view on their browser. Ease of Navigation, Excellent UI (User Interface), UX, professional outlook, informative are the must have basis for all web designs.Cubeflick offers premium web design services with utmost professionalism in bringing out the perfect symmetry for online business. We value people and their business for analysing the design that they are looking for in their websites. Our team of Web designers are highly professional and provide marvellous website design for your business always. We have serve clients across the globe across US, UK, Europe and Australia with positive feedback & reviews.

Your Business on top with the best Website

Cubeflick is one of the topmost leading web design company in Greater Noida that has accomplished a lot of success in recent years. We are a professional company which has reputation of completing projects in record time with picture perfect web displays. For more than 5 years we have allowed our web designers team to work on creativity for transforming ideas into digital life. Creativity and newer ideas must be empowered for making futuristic web solutions that Cubeflick team members are motivated to do so.

Best features of our Web Designing Services are:

  • Fresher Designing ideas with modern approach
  • Semantic code with W3C followed guidelines
  • SEO friendly website designs for higher ranking
  • Optimized landing page for higher leads
  • Customized CMS platform for blogging solutions
  • Highly interactive and affordable E-Commerce solutions
  • Expertise desktop and mobile app designs development
Business on top with the best Website
Static Website

Static Website

Static Web Designing uses the only information that is provided on the source page and there no changes or data sharing is done from these pages. Content and images forms the main elements that are considered on these types. There are businesses which runs on information that remains same over the year and doesn’t require periodic changes than Static web Design are introduced which are based on the front end technologies only. These services are offered uses client side working only nothing from the back-end (databases).Small businessman and start-ups look to start their online journey with static websites that gives them the online presence for to begin with. Main features for static Web Design that we follow very

Closely at Cubeflick are:

  • Content rich and informative
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • HTML based designs
  • Easier and quicker web solutions to start with
  • Search Engine Friendly web layouts
  • Ease of Navigation

Dynamic Website

Ever changing world requires you to be step ahead of the competition by using dynamic web designing that handles requests from server whenever required. These designs can be complex as per the requirements of the business. Filling query form and on submission data collection, data change on tab navigation, infinite scrolling with products or posts are some of the best examples for dynamic web designing specifically. In these scenarios data is collected from the server which is turn is shown to viewer as per his discretion. Dynamic designs are now mostly used for web development and quite popular among the trends for simplifying internet on broad term scale.Cubeflick is actively engaged in providing dynamic web design solutions that matches client’s requirements.

Main features of these Dynamic Web Designs are:

  • Back-end admin management
  • Faster site loading
  • Content Management and Framework integration based solutions
  • Advanced functionality like Cart, gateway etc.
Dynamic Website
Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Responsive Web Designing (RWD) in last few years has dominated the I.T. industry with its wide-approach on handling multiple platforms. Even Google has announced that responsive sites will get more preference form their search engine. New sites built today are automatically uses this web design approach for delivering the best performance across all mobile and desktop devices respectively. This allows content and design to remain readable when you resize, shrink, hide or move the content to fit on any screen available accessing internet. Bootstraps, Foundation are two of the most popular responsive CSS framework most used around the world.We at Cubeflick use latest CSS styles and media queries to deliver impeccable responsive design that represents your website in multiple platform devices. Whether you are looking for modern responsive web layouts, grids, themes or templates CubeFlick designing team is capable to handle all these requirements with its skilled and experienced staff.

Re-Designing Website Design

The World Wide Web (WWW) is changing almost every day and there are regular upgrades to techniques that we have employed in websites development. Now there different modern devices that are used for accessing internet as well modern browsers that are capable of handling many server requests quick with fast loading. Your old business websites needs to freshen up with newer ideas that match up to today’s user demand and some form of future reliability. We at Cubeflick understand that every once in a while there comes time when you need to revamp those old web design into modern feasible layouts. We advise clients on re-designing websites related to their competition in the market, future stability and user experience that benefits them on all corners. New modern web layouts are highly interactive, informative and can be artistic in nature to attract more visitors for their web sites preferably.

Re-Designing Website
Custom Website

Custom Website Design

Every business looks for something unique and distinct feature to be added on their website. We at Cubeflick offers custom website designing with excellent skills in making pixel perfect designs. First of all deep analysis is done keeping in mind the business, products and services you are giving to the customers respectively. Then creating rough layouts, design flow and choosing the right CMS framework that fits designing requirements perfectly. These mock-ups designs are confirmed on multiple steps so that we achieve the right targets and goal set up by our clients respectively.

  • Website design from Scratch
  • Themes, Template customization
  • Custom CSS3 responsive layouts and grids
  • End-to-end custom business solutions
  • Professional solutions

E-Commerce Website

There are E-Commerce websites which are made for selling products with multiple brands. These types of designs must have carts, profile management, checkout along with informative pages about products. What matters the most in E-Commerce websites is the design of the landing page. It should convey the products comprehensively with information and attraction that makes users to visit your site again and again. Our team’s of web designer uses years of skills and experience in creating unique designs for your business. We always work with 24x7 communications with our clients so all designs are approved and confirmed from both ends. Cubeflick expertise lies in delivering the top-notch web designs for your online marketplace. We follow below strategies in E-Commerce website designs within you online business.

  • Products Grouping and enhancing
  • Giving personal touch
  • High quality photography
  • Easy purchasing and checking procedures
  • Cross platform web design
E-Commerce Website